Our miso soup


[Serves 2]

• 2 cups of dashi (If you have Okume Dashi, it's nice to use 2 bags for a rich, dashi taste.)
• 2 tablespoons of miso (better to mix two types, like white and red miso) per 2 cups of dashi
• A pinch of Aosa per serving.





Brew dashi. If you have dashi from Dashi Okume, put 2 dashi bags for 2 cups of water. Start from cold, slowly heat it up, and once it's boiled, change the heat to medium and boil for about 5 minutes.


Turn off the heat, remove all the dashi, and dissolve miso into dashi. If possible, use a miso strainer (Or any kind of strainer, if you don't have one.)


Soak the Aosa in water to remove dirt. After rinsing, drain off the water.


Warm it up again* and add Aosa.
*Be careful not to boil miso soup after you dissolve the miso into the dashi. Boiling miso soup will reduce the aroma, flavor, and taste of miso.

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