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Mar 25, 2023

The infatuation: The NYC Hit List: The Best New Restaurants In NYC

The Hit List is where you’ll find our favorite new food and drink experiences in NYC. We track new openings across the city, and then visit as many as we can. While this is by no means an exhaustive list of every good new spot, one thing you can always rely on is that we’ll only include places that we have genuinely checked out. Our goal is for this list to be as diverse as the city itself—inclusive of a wide range of cuisines, price points, neighborhoods, chefs and owners of all backgrounds, and the multifaceted communities within the industry....

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Mar 17, 2023

edible MANHATTAN: The Wide World of Miso (That You Need to Know About)

When miso first hit the US shores back in the 80s, it was primarily associated with sushi. Americans first met the 1300-year-old Japanese tradition of fermented soybean-salt-koji culture (and sometimes grains) in the complementary bowls of miso soup that accompanied their Sushi Deluxes. This was a pretty sad introduction to one of Japan’s oldest and most treasured artisanal foods.

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Mar 10, 2023

The New Yorker: Tables for Two The Thrilling Japanese Breakfasts of Brooklyn

I can easily summon the pang of desire I felt some years ago when, scrolling through Instagram, I first laid eyes on the teishoku, or set meal, served for breakfast at the Park Hyatt Tokyo. I wanted to get on the next plane to Japan, to try for myself the delicate-looking pieces of grilled fish, presented alongside small bowls of cloudy miso soup and glossy white rice, wedges of fresh tofu and tamago (a Japanese omelette), berries and cubed melon, and a pot of tea. Japanese breakfast: a meal so beautiful that the writer and musician Michelle Zauner named her...

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Feb 09, 2023

The Infatuation: The Best NYC Restaurants For Dining Solo

Maybe you’re meeting for drinks at 10pm and you don’t want to go back to your apartment beforehand, or maybe you’re just really hungry and would rather stare at your phone than talk to another human. Whatever the reason, there comes a time in every person’s life when a solo meal is necessary—and we think those times are actually pretty great. Whether you want to drink a martini and enjoy some lamb tartare or space out while you eat ramen, use this guide to find a good place to dine alone.

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Feb 07, 2023

COURRIER JAPON: NYブルックリンで「リトル・トーキョー」が生まれている場所とは?

和食レストラン、酒店、だし専門店、和カフェ、お茶専門店……。 ニューヨーク・ブルックリンのグリーンポイント地区で日本のビジネスが次々と生まれ、「リトル・トーキョー」化が進んでいると、米紙「ニューヨーク・タイムズ」が報じている。 グリーンポイントは歴史的にポーランド移民が多く、ピエロギの店が並ぶなど「リトル・ポーランド」として知られている。だが最近は、日系移民や日本の若い起業家たちがこの地に引き寄せられ、「新たな文化的変革」が起きていると、同紙は伝える。

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Feb 03, 2023

(Japanese) DAILYSUN NEWYORK: モダンな「リトル・ジャパン」出現 ブルックリン・グリーンポイントに

ブルックリン区グリーンポイントにモダンな日系のレストランやショップが増え、注目を集めている。3日、ニューヨーク・タイムズが伝えた。  グリーンポイント街とノーマン街に挟まれた一角。もともとポーランド系の店舗が並び「リトル・ポーランド」と呼ばれていた。今や、若者向けの「リトル・ジャパン」の様相だ。弁当が楽しめる和風カフェ「Acre」。高級和食レストラン「Rule of Thirds」。酒専門店「Bin Bin Sake」やティーサロン「Kettl」。6月にはサンドイッチ専門店「Takusando」もオープンする。

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Feb 03, 2023

The New York Times: Sake. Dashi. Soba Shops: Japanese Chic Takes Root in Brooklyn

On a cold Tuesday afternoon in January, four women made their way down Guernsey Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. They had just finished lunch at Acre, a Japanese cafe and shop, where they had been served bento boxes and green tea, and were headed to 50 Norman, a new warehouse space nearby that housed three other Japanese businesses. The women, all Japanese immigrants, had driven in from New Jersey, at the advice of their friend, Chieko Koie, who had already dined at Acre and was interested in visiting the warehouse after seeing it on Instagram.

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Jan 12, 2023

SURFACE: 50 Norman Takes Greenpoint All the Way to Japan, and Other News

A former car garage in Greenpoint can now take you all the way to Japan, courtesy of new occupant 50 Norman, a marketplace for a trio of spaces offering the best of the country’s design and cuisine. Jo Nagasaka, founder of Tokyo’s Schemata Architects, worked with that city’s TANK group of craftspeople and Brooklyn-based Japanese design and construction team BLANK to refit the garage for retail using reclaimed wood from demolished Kyoto abodes. Graphic designer Rikako Nagashima of Village conceived the sandblasted signage.

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Jan 09, 2023

mashed: The Golden Ratio To Remember For Delicious Dashi Broth

Japan is home to shokunin, a remarkable concept that perhaps no other culture shares (via Pop Japan). Shokunin are artisans or craftsmen who are so devoted to their work that they become masters in their fields: masters of slicing fish for sushi, frying airy light tempura, sculpting candy, you name it. This may also explain why Japanese food seems to have reputation for being pared-down in ingredients yet too complex to replicate perfectly at home.

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Dec 21, 2022

thrillist: The Key to Perfect Miso Soup Is Homemade Dashi Broth

There are a number of things to keep track of when making a really great soup: building an aromatic base, getting the simmer time right, interrogating whether or not that bay leaf actually does serve a purpose. But rarely, if ever, do we think about how to make our soups feel personal. This is where homemade broth or stock comes in. Dashi broth is the perfect vehicle for your own, unique flair—and some umami.

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Dec 13, 2022


It’s mid-December and you’re holding wrapping paper with nothing to wrap. Fear not, we’ve got another neighborhood guide for shopping local for your holiday needs. Last week, Building Black Bed-Stuy curated this brilliant list of local Black-owned artisans and apothecaries (many of whom you can come check out at our own holiday market this Friday and Saturday in Industry City). Today, we’re going on a shopping tour through some of our favorite Williamsburg and Greenpoint small businesses.

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Nov 29, 2022

(Japanese) 料理王国: World News NY:ニューヨーカーはDASHIのカスタムメイドに夢中?


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Nov 09, 2022

(Japanese) Pen: 日本のうつわや道具、出汁や料理がニューヨークでも入手可能! ブルックリンに誕生した新ミニマーケット

ブルックリンのグリーンポイントに日本のクラフツマンシップを伝える「50 Norman」がオープン。海外初出店となる「CIBONE Brooklyn」をはじめ、1871年創業の水産加工卸の尾粂(おくめ)による出汁ブランド「DASHI OKUME」、ジャパニーズフレンチを供する西麻布発の「HOUSE」が共存するミニマーケットプレイス。3店舗が扱ううつわや道具、食材、料理を通して、現代の日本文化が伝わる貴重な場所。陶芸家やアーティストの作品に加え、神田の古書店「小宮山書店」が選書した写真集など、アメリカではまず見つからない日本のアイテムはどう評価されるのか? ニューヨーカーの反応と今後の展開が楽しみなマーケットだ。

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Oct 17, 2022

(Japanese) ELLE: 「シボネ」がブルックリンに新店舗、日本の伝統とものづくりをアメリカに向けて発信!

“未来のアンティーク、これからのクラシック”をテーマに、独自の感性で様々なアイテムやアートピースを発信してきたライフスタイルショップ「シボネ」。2022年9月16日、ニューヨークに新店舗「CIBONE Brooklyn」をオープンした。「CIBONE Brooklyn」では、日本のモノづくりにフォーカス。「50 Norman」の特徴である「食」という軸を持ちながら、刺激的で日常をアップグレードしてくれるようなうつわや道具をはじめ、アート、クラフトまで幅広いアイテムを展開している。また、同時に現地の優れた才能を日本でも発信する貿易拠点のような役割を持つ。

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Oct 16, 2022

the japan times: Specialty dashi shop opens in Brooklyn

NEW YORK – A specialty shop featuring dashi, traditional Japanese soup stock, opened in New York Friday amid the growing popularity of Japanese cuisine around the world. Dashi Okume makes and sells dashi packets using Japanese-made dry ingredients, such as dried natural seafood, blended to suit the preferences of customers, aiming to deliver the deep charm of the essential component of Japanese cooking. A dashi broth can be created by putting water and a dashi packet in a pot and simmering for a few minutes.

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