Oyakodon(Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl)


[Serves 2]

Dashi Ingredients
• 200 grams Mirin
• 2 bags Dashi Packs (Any)
• 200 grams Water
• 100 grams Soy Sauce
Oyakodon Ingredients
• 20 grams Gobo (Burdock Root)
• 60 grams Onion
• 100 grams Boneless Skinless Chicken Thigh
• 2 Eggs
• Pinch of Mitsuba (Japanese Wild Parsley)for garnish (May also substitute with crushed Seaweed)
• 200 grams Cooked Rice 


Prepare oyakodon ingredients by thinly slicing the gobo with a peeler and cutting the onion and chicken thighs into bite sized pieces. 


Combine mirin and dashi packs in a saucepan and heat it to remove the alcohol.


Once it comes to a boil, add water and soy sauce. When it boils again, squeeze and remove the dashi bag, then set it aside to cool. 


Put the dashi soup stock (Warishita) from step 3 into a small frying pan.


Add the gobo, onion and chicken thigh into the soup, cover, and heat.


When it boils, uncover and cook the chicken thigh until it's done.


After the ingredients are cooked, pour a half of the beaten eggs evenly over them, cover, and cook until the eggs are half-set.


Add the remaining beaten eggs, turn off the heat, and let it finish cooking with residual heat.


Serve over cooked rice and garnish with mitsuba.

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