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100% Pure Sudachi Extract from Tokushima

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Sudachi is a golfball-sized green citrus that looks similar to a lime but tastes very different. With a spicy character reminiscent of Sichuan pepper, this Japanese native citrus exhibits a strong and refreshing aroma like yuzu and an intense lemon-like tartness—it actually contains more citric acid and vitamin C than a lemon! Made with fresh sudachi—harvested from mid to late-September in Tokushima Prefecture—100% Pure Japanese Sudachi Extract captures sudachi’s beautiful features in one bottle. A unique pressing method helps minimize the fiber and oil content of the citrus and distills the pure essence and smooth texture of the sudachi. A 9.3floz bottle contains the extract from as many as 40 sudachi, so a tiny drop of the extract adds a significant kick to your dish. Just like lemon and lime, you can enjoy it as a cooking seasoning, for mixing into drinks and making desserts. It perfectly complements Japanese cuisine—sashimi, grilled fish, karaage fried chicken, and noodle soups are divine combinations—but it is also great with creamy dishes and ethnic cuisines heaped with herbs and spices. No additives, colorings, or preservatives are used for the sudachi extract.

Product Name 100% Pure Sudachi Extract from Tokushima
Ingredient Name Sudachi
Volume content 9.3floz
Product Place of Origin Japan
Best-before Date 1 year from production daate
Storage Method Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

How to use this extract?

Whether you’re splashing it over sashimi, grilled fish, karaage fried chicken or noodle soups, or mixing it into dressings, the sudachi extract adds a wonderful accent to any dish.

As Dashi Okume, we recommend to make ponzu out of it as well.

Its uniquely soothing aroma and tart flavor not only complements umami-based Japanese cuisine, but it is also great with many other cuisines, such as Italian, Scandinavian, Mexican, and Peruvian because sudachi goes well with herbs and spices including basil, mint, dill, cardamon, cumin, and peppers. You can make a superb sudachi-boosted ceviche, crudo, or carpaccio with various kinds of seafood. Also, the sudachi extract is an amazing match with creamy desserts like ice cream or cheesecake. Try it for beverages as well—you can make a refreshing drink by diluting the sudachi extract with water and sweetening it with honey. If you freeze the drink, it transforms into a sudachi sorbet! You can even enjoy original sudachi cocktails with your choice of alcohol such as shochu, sake, vodka, or gin.