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Dashi Cooking Class "Soba Noodle" , 9/9 Sat

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Let's make broth from scratch for Soba Noodle!

This time, we have gathered a very splendid group of instructors!

Sake, Mirin, Soy Sauce and Dashi are essential for Japanese cooking.
Why don't you make Soba Noodle broth from scratch with experts and researchers of fermentation who actually make each seasoning at the highest quality in Japan and the U.S.

Mr. Hiraku Ogura, fermentation designer
Mr. Yusuke Misumi, Mirin Craftsman at Sumiya  Bunjiro Shoten, Mirin Brewer
Mr. Masaru Terada, President of Terada Honke (Sake)
SAN-J (Soy Sauce Manufacturing in the U.S.) President Sato

We will also use the " Uzuki" soba noodle made by Soba Master Shuichi Kotani

<What to expect>
-Lean how to make Dashi
-Tasting & Lecture of Dashi / Sake / Soy Sauce / Mirin / 
-Make Broth for Soba Noodle 
-Tasting of soba noodles you make during the workshop

<Date & Time>
 Saturday, September 9, 20:00-21:30
@ Dashi Okume , 50 Norman Ave, Brooklyn 11222.